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Shankara Crest Jewel Of Discrimination Pdf Free

Shankara Crest Jewel Of Discrimination Pdf Free

shankara crest jewel of discrimination pdf free


Shankara Crest Jewel Of Discrimination Pdf Free --


























































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Are cup and water-pot and jar anything but earth? He who is deluded by the wine of glamor speaks of "thou" and "I." So the body, powers, life, breath and mind and all things visible, are burned up by the fire of wisdom, leaving the being of the higher Self aloneThe flame of discernment of the oneness of the higher and the lower, burns up the forest of unwisdom utterlyThose who, only for a little while rid of lust, long to be free, and struggle to reach the shore of the world-ocean the toothed beast of longing lust makes them sink half way, seizing them by the throat, and swiftly carrying them awaySources[edit]Renouncing inwardly, renouncing outwardly this is possible only for him who is free from passion; and he who is free from passion renounces all attachment within and without, through the longing for freedomThrough Soul-vision, through the Self utterly unshaken, behold the Self's reality, by the clear eye of awakening; if the word of the scripture is perfectly perceived without wavering, then doubt arises no more


Mind is the name of the mighty tiger that hunts in the forest glades of sensuous things; let not the wise go thither, who seek liberationWhatever by error is built up as different from that, is in reality that only, not different from thatBorn of the fivefold physical elements through deeds done before, the physical place of enjoyment of the Self; its mode is waking life, whereby there arises experience of physical thingsTherefore existence as the separate self must be eternal, nor can the circle of birth and death have an end; how then can there be liberation? Master, tell me thisThe great good ones dwell in peace, bringing joy to the world like the return of springBy right intentness he at once gains success; be thou intent on the Self, with all carefulness


They who rest on the Self that is consciousness, who have put away the outward, the imaginations of the ear and senses, and selfish personality, they, verily, are free from the bonds and snares of the world, but not they who only meditate on what others have seenAs a child, who is free from hunger and bodily pain, finds delight in play, so the wise man rejoices, free from the sorrow of "I" and "mine." By constantly attributing to itself the body, state, condition, duties and works, thinking, "These are mine," this intelligence-formed vesture, brightly shining because it stands closest to the higher Self, becomes the vesture of the Self, and, thinking itself to be the Self, wanders in the circle of birth and deathThe Self, wrapped up in the five vestures beginning with the vesture formed of food, which are brought into being by its own power, does not shine forth, as the water in the pond, covered by a veil of green scumWhen he knows the pure Self of benign form, immovable, then he is free from these; thus says the scripture tooThe body, powers, life-breaths, mind, self-assertion, all changes, sensuous things, happiness, unhappiness, the ether and all the elements, the whole world up to the unmanifest this is not SelfVivekachudamani consists of 580 verses in Sanskrit


Then the Six Graces: a steady intentness of the mind on its goal; — this is Restfulness(Verses 16 - 34) Where the difference of knower, knowing, known is gone, endless, sure; absolute, partless, pure consciousness; the wise know this as the supreme realityJust as wave and foam, eddy and bubble are in their own nature water; so, from the body to the personality, all is consciousness, the pure essence of consciousnessWhen the activity of the imagination comes to rest in the higher Self, the Eternal that wavers not, then no more wavering is seen, and vain words only remainHe whose thought is free from outward objects, through standing ever in the nature of the Eternal, who is as lightly concerned with the enjoyment of sensual things followed by others as a sleeping child, looking on this world as a land beheld in dream, when consciousness comes back, enjoying the fruit of endless holy deeds, he is rich and worthy of honor in the worldDownload Shankara Class # 18; (File Size: 19.52MB)Then the Six Graces, beginning with RestfulnessDownload Shankara Class # 1; (File Size: 20.54MB)So long as the man of learning abandons not the thought, founded on delusion, that "This is I," regarding the unenduring body and its powers, so long there is no hope for his liberation, though he possess the knowledge of the Vedanta and its sciences

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